【Our shop makes fried food with soybean oil.】


Edamame(枝豆) A Japanese dish of salted green soybeans boiled in their pods. {soy}


Hiyayakko(冷奴) chilled tofu topped with dried bonito flakes, sliced green onion, grated ginger, and soy sauce.

Chanja Spicy Cod Innards(チャンジャ)salted Pacific cod entrails in spicy sauce


Chikuwa no isobe age(ちくわの磯部揚げ) Chikuwa is attached to dough containing blue glue and fried in oil. (chikuwa : tube-shaped fish paste cake) {soy, wheat,egg,}


kimchi : korean pickles(キムチ) Korean style spicy pickles of various vegetables and other ingredients. {soy, wheat, shrimp, squid, apple}


nagaimo no tanzaku(長芋たんざく) A dish of sliced ​​yam with wasabi and soy sauce.Other shops may add yolk. (wasabi : Japanese horseradish) {yam}

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nagaimo no tukemono(長芋の漬物) 
pickled chinese yam

nankotsu katraage(軟骨からあげ) deep fried chicken cartilage
{egg.Milk ingredient.soy.wheat.chicken}


french fries(フライドポテト)


dashimaki tamago(出汁巻き玉子) Dashimaki is a traditional home made Japanese dish. It can be a simple omlet roll flavored with broth, or can have other ingredients such as spinach or cod roe.  {egg}

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cheese dashimaki(チーズ出汁巻き)
japanese style rolled omlette in cheese. {egg.Milk ingredient}

agedashi tofu(揚げ出し豆腐) agedashi tofu is a dish of tofu lightly dusted with starch or flour, then deep fried, and served in dashi broth or dashi-based sauce seasoning with soy sauce.

yamituki kyuri(やみつききゅうり) 
A dish of small cut cucumbers mixed with salt and garlic sauce. {soy, wheat, sesame, gelatin}


torimomo karaage(鶏モモカラアゲ)  fried chicken 7Pieces  {chicken.soy.egg.wheat}

spicy karaage(スパイシーカラアゲ) 
spicy fried chicken{wheat, egg, milk ingredients, soy, chicken}

buta kimchi(豚キムチ) Pork rose slices and kimchi are fried in sesame oil, sugar and soy sauce. {pork,soy, wheat, shrimp, squid, apple,sesame}


jou-mino yubiki(上ミノ湯引き) The rumen of one of the four stomachs of a cow is called “Mino” in Japan.This is a dish of minced “Mino” hot-watered with ponzu.(Ponzu, which is soy sauce with citrus juice, has many uses.) {apple}

gatsu(ガツ) A dish of hot pork stomach with salt and garlic sauce, sesame oil and chopped green onions. {pork,soy, wheat, sesame, gelatin}

toriniku no sumibi yaki(鶏の炭火焼き) Charcoal-grilled chicken.The reason why the surface of chicken becomes black is that the fire rises to bake with strong heat and the smoke effect occurs.Eat with citron pepper. {chicken}

sausages moriawase(ソーセージ盛り合わせ)
Assorted sausages.(Please choose whether to bake or boil.){Milk ingredients, pork}


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kushiyaki moriawase(串焼き盛り合わせ)
 grilled chicken skewers.
gizzard,hearts, Chicken and green onions,skin,tail,plum meat and chicken tender.
It is 5 kinds of grilled chicken skewers .


Ebi Mayonezu(海老マヨネーズ) Shrimp with Mayonnaise.
A dish of fried shrimp mixed with ketchup and mayonnaise sauce.

tako no karaage(タコの唐揚げ) Deep-fried octopus

Garlic toast(ガーリックトースト)
Mozzarella cheese is on garlic toast.

ajillo:Spanish-style garlic seafood{There is no bucket.}
Spanish food with clams, squid, shrimp and trumpet Mushroom.

KAISOU salad(海藻サラダ) seaweed salad
The dressing contains chicken and apple ingredients.

DAIKON salad(大根サラダ) radish salad
The dressing contains chicken and apple ingredients.

MIKIYA salad(味喜屋サラダ) Contains tomatoes, poached eggs, croutons and chopped roast pork.
The dressing contains eggs, milk ingredients, soy, and chicken.

☆冬季限定 winter limited☆
motunabe(モツ鍋)  motunabe is made from beef or pork tripe or other offal. It will also contain vegetables and tofu.

MIKIYA ramen noodles(味喜屋ラーメン) this restaurant original ramen:pork bone broth and soy sauce flavoed soup


Oyako-donburi, literally meaning“parent-and-child rice bowl,”is a casual Japanese dish in which bite-sized pieces of chicken and onion are simmered in dashi stock, seasoned with sake rice wine, mirin sweetener, and soy sauce. Beaten egg is stirred in to bind all the ingredients. Garnished with mitsuba herb, the dish is served over rice in a donburi (oversized rice bowl). The name of the dish, oyako-donburi, reflects the two essential ingredients, chicken and egg_hence the name, oya (“parent”) and ko (“child”).

Ochazuke, plum or wasabi(お茶漬け) Ochazuke is a simple Japanese dish made by pouring green tea, soup (dashi), or hot water over cooked rice.